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  • The Anglican Church at Samford can offer you a Christian celebration of your wedding that will become a joyful memory that lives on in your married life together.

    We offer a beautiful and tranquil country setting perfect for your special day. A simple and elegant wooden interior provides a dignified ambience which complements any happy and holy occasion.

    Rev. Nicole and the parish extend a warm welcome to all visitors to discover the beauty of St Paul's Samford and we very much look forward to working with you in planning a personalised service that aligns both to Anglican traditions and your wishes.

    What you need to do:

    • Contact Rev Nicole by e-mail to arrange an appointment or by phone 32891715 during office hours.
    • Make an appointment to process the required documents. Bring original copies of your full birth certificates, also evidence of baptism (for at least one of you). If either of you were born outside of Australia a passport will suffice if you have no birth certificate.
    • Federal Government also requires to know the full names of your parents, and your mother's maiden name, and the country where they were born. If either of you were born outside Australia the government wants to know how many years or months you have been in the country. You will also need to have the full names of your witnesses; the Best Man and the Principal Bridesmaid/Matron of Honour.
    • At the first meeting you be given a copy of the order of service and be taken through the details of the ceremony. Also a selection of bible readings, advice on music, and a guide to planning your wedding booklet. A date is also fixed for a rehearsal for al those involved in the ceremony.
    • If either of you have been divorced you will need to bring the court documentation. In these situations permission from the Bishop has to be granted before the wedding can take place. Rev Nicole will guide on this matter.

    Wedding preparation

    A Christian marriage has, at its heart, vows pledging a life-long commitment.

    We want to ensure that your marriage begins on a solid foundation that will take you through the years ahead in a journey of trust, loyalty, support and deepening love. We therefore ask all couples to have some form of accredited marriage preparation for this journey of life.

    We recommend two possibilities. Firstly you may consider Prepare/Enrich. This is an in-house preparation that is done with Rev. Nicole. Secondly you may like to go through Kinections, which is a well established Anglican agency based in Brisbane. Rev Nicole can provide more details regarding these options.

    The other reason for marriage preparation is the difficulty in holding a marriage together with stress and problems. The very high divorce rate in our nation is evidence of this difficulty. Behind the statistics are unpleasant court procedures, financial hardship, along with confusion and deep hurt. Marriage preparation will not eliminate problems, but it will guide you on how to face them together in trust and mutual support.

    To make an enquiry

    For further information regarding weddings at St Paul's, please contact the office.

    You will then receive a reply that will contain all relevant information about our wedding package. If you would then like to proceed with a booking, please contact the Rev Nicole on (07) 3289 1715 or send an email.


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