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We are currently establishing sites around our grounds to share with the community.


* We have just planted "Pilgrim Trees". They are young but will grow - so while you are on your journey walking past or dropping in, in 2022 or later there will be mandarins, oranges and mulburries to share. We hope to add to the small collection as time progresses.

*  We are currently transforming an old fridge into a street library. It will look similar to "The Tardis".,

Books will be available to borrow and return or swap -

Books transport you to another place or time.

* We will soon be redeveloping a labyrinth in a new location on the grounds.

* We will create a prayer wall so as you are passing by or sitting and reflecting, you can put a prayer request on the wall. We commit to praying for you and as per the request.

Worship with us and Belong, Believe and Be Transformed.

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