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Ideas for Strengthening our Diocesan Lowest NCD

Article posted: 21 Sep 2010

By Ralph G. Bowles, NCD Project Officer, Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, September 2010


Many Brisbane Anglican parishes using Natural Church Development are discovering that they need to address the same set of issues that are holding back the healthy growth of their church.

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Formation and Training for Ministry: Cultivating Sacred Sagacity

Article posted: 17 Aug 2009

By Prof. Martyn Percy, August 2011, MEC Lecture, Brisbane

MEC Lecture, Brisbane

I suppose that the first and most obvious thing to say about the purpose of ordination training – formation and education for ministry – is that it isn’t immediately obvious.  What, after all, is one being prepared for?

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Some thoughts on the Atonement

Article posted: 14 Aug 2004

By James Alison

A talk given in Brisbane, Australia, in August 2004

I’m going to try to defend a thesis with you: that Christianity is a priestly religion which understands that it is God’s overcoming of our violence by substituting himself for the victim of our typical sacrifices that opens up our being able to enjoy the fullness of creation as if death were not.

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Farewell to the Rapture

Article posted: 5 Aug 2001

By N.T. Wright, Bible Review

Little did Paul know how his colorful metaphors for Jesus’ second coming would be misunderstood two millennia later.

The American obsession with the second coming of Jesus — especially with distorted interpretations of it — continues unabated. Seen from my side of the Atlantic, the phenomenal success of the Left Behind books appears puzzling, even bizarre[1]. Few in the U.K. hold the belief on which the popular series of novels is based: that there will be a literal "rapture" in which believers will be snatched up to heaven, leaving empty cars crashing on freeways and kids coming home from school only to find that their parents have been taken to be with Jesus while they have been "left behind." This pseudo-theological version of Home Alone has reportedly frightened many children into some kind of (distorted) faith.

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